Primal Cuts Meat Market will offer a carefully chosen selection of high-quality meat products from livestock that are locally and sustainably raised and fed. We will work to connect you to the source of your food by doing what we can to introduce you to each of the farmers we work with and sharing their stories with you.


Our primary selection will consist of beef, lamb, pork, goat and poultry. At any given time and when available locally, we will offer such specialty meat possibly consisting of bison, ostrich, duck, pheasant,rabbit, and elk.

Primal Cuts Meat Market will focus on selecting the best possible cuts available. We will purchase throughout the State of Oregon and ideally, directly from Central Oregon farmers who raise their animals without exposure to growth hormones, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This local aspect allows Primal Cuts Meat Market to focus on freshness, while also supporting the environment through the reduction of waste and miles traveled.